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Called to extend God’s kingdom

By prof John Klaasen,
Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, UFS

Dear friends

As the winter starts to set its nest in the Free State, we can look forward to an interesting political and social climate. Like winter, the next few weeks will keep us alert, on the look out and expectant of what the days and months will hold in store for us. I am reminded of the Transfiguration of our Lord. In a flash we get a glimpse of God’s glory. Today we read about, imagine, and interpret what the vision might have been for the three disciples. We have a good sense of the change, the awesomeness, the salvation that Christ’ Transfiguration invites us into.

For me as the new Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at UFS, this is the hope that I keep as a constant. I am hanging unto the beauty, the fullness, the salvation that the Transfiguration holds at the forefront of our theological deliberations and engagements. I am also aware that the nature of the Transfiguration is a collective, a community, a collaborative drama that unfolds increasingly as we faithfully and confidently recognise and welcome the presence of each other on the journey.

All of you who read this brief reflection is as much a part of the community, like the three disciples at the Transfiguration, as each one of my colleagues at the Faculty of Theology and Religion. May we join hands and share the Transfiguration witness with vigour, commitment and faithfulness in the uncertain times that we find ourselves in.

Ours is a calling to witness to the risen Christ who came to set us free!

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Prof John Klaasen, Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, UFS

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